I'm not sure if this qualifies as an official meme, but lots of bloggers like to mark the end of the year by listing out the first lines of one blog post from each month — which makes for a fascinating little "snapshot" of what happens on any given blog. Love it!  So here goes —

Favorite first 'Mine lines from 2010:

January - "Over the holidays, hubby and I managed to slip away for one-night romantic getaway, and I finally did it! (Check your imaginations at the door, Guys — nothing kinky)"

February - "Confession time: I test my glucose everywhere."

March - "I just knew that working with expert CDE Gary Scheiner was going to be eye-opening."

April - "It's about time for another edition of our Small But Mighty series, profiling the many individual organizations out there powered by people passionate about helping PWDs."

May - "Post-worthy?  Apparently I think so."

June - "OK, this is a tad embarrassing, but it just goes to show you that technology needs to simplify our lives, or it isn't much use, is it?"

July - "If you ever get discouraged feeling that nothing impactful is being done to improve Type 1 diabetes at the point of care (getting doctors on board, etc.), have a look at the Helmsley Charitable Trust."

August - "Put your hands up! Who likes to dance?"

September - "Good thing poetry is timeless."

October - "Partnerships between multiple universities or institutions are not so uncommon in research, but when's the last time you heard of an entire state coming together to cure a disease?"

November - "Did you know that more people are diagnosed with diabetes in the colder months of the year?"

December - "When I saw my endo last week, she praised me on my latest A1c level (6.2, Baby!), but said that my standard deviation score was 'unacceptable.' Yikes!"

And so it goes... What's in a first line, anyway? When I think back on the first time I met someone selling FreeStyle glucose meters, it was "You had me at 'less blood.'" ;)

Got any favorite first lines of your own to share?

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