One. Long. Trip.

Well now, compared to years past, the 10-hour flight was almost relaxing. Everybody in my family but me slept for a while. No one screamed. Only one needed to use the paper sick bag. Twice. But recovered quickly. So pretty smooth, really! Flugzeug1_1

It was the 4+ hours from Amsterdam Schiphol to Duesseldorf that put me over the edge. At one point while waiting nearly 2 hours for a train connection at some godforsaken outpost of a Dutch train station with the girls munching rock-hard "bagels," I got so hungry that I downed an entire bag of Bugles (those junkfood cornucopia-shaped things, and the only wheat-free bread-ish choice within kilometers). Bad diabetes move. Major stomach ache, and post-Bugles BG of 253, even after attempting to dose. Splitting the Lantus went OK in general, if you don't count the lows following each post-Lantus bolus.

Anyhoo, here we are in sunny Germany (no kidding!) Insulin's in the fridge, and everybody slept through the night. So far, so good. You know what's weird? I just checked my blog and the Google ads are in German! Scary, how technology knows everything like that. It pegged me for accessing aus Deutschland right away, ay?

Logo_dlife_global_1 OK, now about dLife: I'm writing a new monthly column called Straight Up, with Amy. It's me, waxing poetic and telling it like it is on various aspects of living with diabetes. Yup, there's even a professional photo (yikes! I'm soooo not photogenic...) But pretty exciting stuff. Now I have another outlet for all this strange D-energy, and hopefully a channel to reach out to an even larger D-audience.

But you still need to visit me here if you want the daily dish!! And of course, here's where I can exercise artistic license and go wild with grammar (see all those parentheses and these !!!) That's what I love: complete freedom ...

Ah, time for our evening cocktail, folks. Don't be surprised if you see my usual US fare posted here in the coming days: I'm taking the chance to catch up on a number of 'queued' posts. Prost!

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