Is it weird to enjoy a holiday that's focused on ten biblical plagues?  But the Jewish festival of Passover is (like so many Jewish holidays) commemorative -- a celebration of redemption and hard-won freedom.  It celebrates the Jews' ancient breakaway from slavery in Egypt, and today, it is a time for a special ceremonial meal with the family, and a break from our usually tech-driven, turbo-hectic lives (read: no Twitter for the next few days).

Tonight at sundown we'll be sitting down around a big table full-up with traditional foods, re-telling that story of freedom from servitude, which always strikes me as a very American theme.


Cleanup tip: I love these new disposal Seder plates from

Diabetes tip: there are always lots of good tips available at Jewish Diabetes (requires sign-up) and at the Jewish Friends with Diabetes site.

Gluten-free tip: for those of you who share the additional vexation of life without gluten, I have finally found two gluten-free products that can pass as Matzah: Hol-Grain Brown Rice Crackers, and Barkat Matzo GF Crackers.

Happy Passover to all those who also celebrate. Enjoy!


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