Anyone else notice that once you get sucked into the blog scene, it's kinda hard to stop? I mean, Web surfing till the wee hours was one thing, but now I click through a labyrinth of fascinating blogs at least twice a day, often so intent that I tune out my kids' screaming altogether (oooh, maybe I could write it off as therapy?)

In any case, I wanted to share the news that there are in fact at least two endocrinologists out there blogging. One is Dr. T. Steven Roosevelt of the Idaho Diabetes & Endocrine Associates, who writes "Endo-Blog." Looks like this doc's been sharing "the latest news and opinions on the treatment of diabetes and endocrinological research" since June of last year.

And there's also a brand new one by Dr. William Quick, an endocrinologist for nearly 30 years who now works for Sanofi-Aventis pharmaceutical company. His new blog is called "Diabetes-Dot-Blog-Dot-Com" -— which he claims I "dared him" to create. Love it! Bill just started his on May 4 as an interactive "blogcompanion" to the comprehensive website he runs with his wife, the Diabetes Monitor.

Of course these docs don't share specific patient interactions (remember the Hippocratic Oath? -- that's medical ethics, folks!) But at least now we can hear from some real, live, honest-to-goodness PEOPLE who also happen to be professionals that treat our disease for a living. Remember, Cyberspace is the great equalizer. Out here, we are all just interesting strangers searching for information and recipes for improving our lives. No more Godlike status for the MD's. As they say in German: "they boil with water, too." Blogs open up the chef's kitchen to us common folk. Now let's watch 'em cook.

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