I think I mentioned that I had an endo appointment earlier this month. I was excited to tout my latest A1c (5.9!) and show her my newest diabetes toy, the OmniPod's new color PDM. As usual, I left work and the kids in a huge rush and drove to the clinic all concerned about keeping good time. So you can imagine how irritated I was when I realized at some point that I'd been sitting in her waiting room for over an hour!

I sauntered up to the front counter, gritting my teeth.

"Are we getting close now?" I asked in a low, controlled voice.  (Mental voice shouting: this is my time away from my kids! We have no groceries, no gifts for our daughter's birthday on Saturday, and I'm overdue on three writing assignments.  Do you know how much I could've accomplished in this hour?!)

"Mmm, the doctor's just going over some CGM data with a patient, so it's going to be a little while still..."

"Hmm... how little?" I groaned, just as this sign at the side of a cabinet caught my eye:


I sat down.

A few minutes later, the door to the waiting room swung open.  My doctor stood in the doorjam with a freckled girl wearing a black cap, jeans and black boots.

"Are you wearing a CGM right now, Amy? {Girl} here is having trouble getting her insurance to cover one, and she really could use the ongoing data."

I quickly explained about not restarting my CGM for the moment due to lingering skin issues.

"Well, maybe you could give her some tips on fighting for coverage.  We're already on our second appeal," my doctor said with a smile, clearly delighted to be able to introduce the two of us.

I smiled too, as I explained about Gina Capone's CGM Anti-Denial Campaign and the JDRF's informative step-by-step instructions on pushing for "case by case" CGM coverage.

After this gal left, my doctor welcomed me in and explained that her lunchtime lecture had gone overtime, throwing off her schedule for the whole day.  This isn't the first time I've experienced what I consider an unacceptable wait time in her office, but then I get in to see her...

She not only remembers everything we discussed at our last meeting, but she even keeps newspaper clippings that mention my name to show me when I come in.  She spends ample time discussing my concerns with me and going over any data I'd like reviewed.  And I know this isn't just because I'm a well-known blogger.  My extended wait this week was due to the freckled girl and her extensive CGM print-outs. She was getting the same kind of priority personal attention. Because when you're in the presence of this doctor, she makes you feel like the most important PWD in the world at that moment.

Good rapport is worth waiting for.  And it's worth searching for.

Moral of the story: you know you've found the right doctor if the blasted hour-long wait is quickly forgotten once it's your turn.


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