Just to clarify, that common enemy that all of us with diabetes face is really plaque. No really. Sticky plague that builds up in your blood vessels and causes all of those nasty complications. Watch the inaugural video from the newest online health channel eMedTV.com for the scoop:

Isn't it telling that they chose to feature DIABETES in their launch video? Not just because November happens to be National Diabetes Awareness Month, I'm sure, but also for more self-serving reasons: Lots of eyeballs! So many diabetics, so many ePatients...

Note also that eMedTV is meant to be "an extensive library of medical information" in video format, versus the also-recently-launched ICYou.com, which is shooting for the distinction of "the YouTube of healthcare." Meaning anyone can post, share, and comment. But eMed's got some pretty informative stuff on everything from acne to West Nile virus. Check out their growing video library HERE, including the comprehensive piece called, "What Is Diabetes?"

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