They keep telling us we should eat lots of veggies and fruit. Obviously, veggies are better -- if you don't want to spike your blood sugar, that is (D'OH). Well, I don't eat nearly as many servings of greens per day as I ought to. And don't pretend you do, either.

So what are our options then? Disguise the stuff? No, I mean like the celebs do, hiding them inside other foods that seem more appealing? Maybe. Or maybe try liquidating the stuff into a smoothie with a little zing. Here's a recipe that some very health-conscious friends passed on:

Mainly spinach (3/4) then add the following:

One apple (cut it up before you put it in the blender or it's a disaster)

Tablespoon of raw chopped ginger

Parsley (usually lots)

Cucumber (half of a hot house or English cucumber)

Lemon Juice (use half a lemon and squeeze it in)

Celery (not much of this or it's difficult to blend)

Bell Peppers (totally optional, they say -- personally I can't digest the suckers)

Blend until smooth on high — It's best if the veggies are cold...

"The apple, ginger and lemon really make it taste great," my friends claimed.

Here's me attempting to make the stuff:


Ingredients - check!


Stuff into blender - check! (Wow, that's full)


Produce extremely green drink - check!


Drink despite the disgusted looks on children's faces, and despite husband's remark that it looks like some Frog [Byproduct] - check!

Really, it wasn't half bad after all.

I wanted to note that I also tried Mollyjade's suggested vegetable dip, made by mixing peanut butter, soy sauce, chili sauce, and garlic powder. Chili-flavored peanut butter. Strange. A little like you'd imagine the "PB Special" at El Torito Mexican restaurant. In other words, the jury's still out on that one -- especially since my BG level shot up after I presumably under-dosed for this concoction. But worth a try just the same. I think I'll spring it on my next Book Club meeting at our place, just to test whether it motivates people to eat their raw greens :)

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