We are a group of people with diabetes (PWDs), just like you. We were never satisfied with the "official" information we found online about our illness, so decided to use our collective backgrounds in journalism and communications to create our own news site, by and for patients.

We hope you'll take some time to explore the 'Mine, founded in early 2005, which features a ton of rich information* on everything from breaking diabetes news to book reviews (with giveaways!), to product reviews, analyses of headlines and research, interviews with luminaries, feature stories on inspiring people and advocacy projects, stories from loved ones of diabetics and accounts of living with diabetes from around the world.

We publish daily, and call this site "a diabetes newspaper with a personal twist."

Welcome to a news source and friendly destination that will provide "straight talk" on diabetes you won't find anywhere else.

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Amy Tenderich

Founder & Editor of DiabetesMine.com (living with type 1 since 2003)


*TIP: Please see the icons below to browse the content mentioned... including important tips about life with this illness. For example, our "411 Information Series" on Diabetes Complications (may you never have to deal with them!)


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Why You Should Care About the Diabetes Online Community

If you ask most people what's the hardest thing about living with diabetes, they'll nearly always say, "the psychological side." Not in those words, of course. They'll answer with something familiar like:

"It's so frustrating — and I never get a break!"I'm so happy


"It's so hard to keep motivated when I feel like I'm 'failing' all the time."

Or the classic...

"None of my family or friends really understands what I'm going through. I feel so isolated!"

For many thousands of PWDs (people with diabetes), having access to a whole new world of connections via the Internet is transforming the experience of being a patient from a horribly isolating one of hopelessness and helplessness to a more positive, social experience that helps them feel understood and empowered!

At this very moment, as you read these words, there are scores of PWDs out there chatting via blogs, Facebook, Twitter and dedicated diabetes communities. They are learning, laughing, and helping each other with practical tips that no doctor who hasn't walked in our shoes could ever know.

We call it the Diabetes Online Community, or DOC, and for many who've discovered it, it is nothing less than a lifeline.

See our DOC resources page to begin your explorations.


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