There are certain aspects of diabetes care that I've just plain stonewalled. Foot care is No. 1 on that list. What could it matter to a girl who spent her formative years running around barefoot on the sizzling asphalt of LA that some people with diabetes get foot problems? Me, who's "complications clock" just started running less than 3 yrs. ago?

But lately I discovered something disgusting. Diabetes makes your feet susceptible to everything. My endo found a bit of athlete's foot or related fungus between my toes, and lectured me for the umpteenth time on "drying between your toes." Well I do! Or I did... Or OK, maybe not so carefully. But I literally have walked barefoot all over this state and have never, ever, had any problem with my feet until now. Yucchh!

Toes_1It was nothing that 10 days of Lotrimin cream couldn't cure, mind you, but then I got some blisters from my awesome new New Age loafers that wouldn't go away. I've had to table the shoes, but the blisters still aren't healed. Crap. This foot thing is for real.

I do not have neuropathy! I can still feel every crumb in my socks. So why are my feet suddenly so darn sensitive? I guess as a commenter here recently noted, the longer you have diabetes, the more the effects set in.

My endo also told me never to wear sandals. WtF? Obviously, he's never seen these.

As Scott J noted on his blog recently, we've just got to make the effort to take good care of our feet, and maybe even ask for an exam if it's not forthcoming.

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