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Talk about your controversial subjects! I discovered a message thread on the dLife Message Board on the topic: "dr. bernstein vs the ada - whom do you believe?" that's been raging since Jan. 23! To date, there are 65 posts (and counting) covering 7 pages of post thread. Some of them are long enough to hit a second page as a Word document. (I know, 'cause I tried it: can you say, "Diabetic Internet Geek"?)


The topic, of course, is Dr. Richard Bernstein's philosophy of ultra-low carb eating for diabetics -- no more than 6 grams of carbs for breakfast and 12 each for lunch and dinner —- versus the ADA's nutritional advice, recommending considerably more carbs.


To view the online debate, go to the dlife Message Board and select the "Introduce Yourself" area, then browse the topics to find it. ( I just added my two cents.)



The main antagonist, "walterj" likens the Bernstein method to anorexia (due to lack of life-supporting carbohydrates) and calls it "a desperate way of eating for equally desperate people." He and others maintain that cutting carbs to such a low level causes serious health risks.



The Bernstein supporters -— including dLife's own CEO Howard Steinberg -- come out in force, claiming that his method has changed their life, helps them eliminate a number of health problems, and achieve consistent premeal BG levels of 80-100 and 2-hr postmeals of 85-120, along with A1C's in the neighborhood of 5.5 (!)



Adversary walterj decries the "invasion of the heavy-hitters" from Dr. Bernstein's site, and calls these devotees a "cult," to which they do not take kindly.



There is also interesting discussion of Dr. Atkins and whether he followed his own diet. (Hmmph?!)



My take? Being on the skinny side myself, I simply do not feel well without a steady influx of carbs coming in. This makes my diabetes trickier to manage, for sure, but I feel I need the carbs to keep my energy up.


Fascinating stuff! And also proof that the dLife Message Boards are gaining ground as an alternative to the ADA's, since many posting here voiced their disgust with certain practices of the ADA and are clearly looking for an alternative place to build their online community.


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