It's another Miscellaneous-Updates Day here at I'm stuffing things in bags, as our family's off to Lake Shasta for a long weekend. Ah, the outdoors... Honey, are you bringing your laptop?!

Anyway, here are three news bits I wanted to share pre-road trip:

* Did anyone else catch the headline that Mr. Universe Doug Burns is now planning to sue the city ofDougburnsdiabetespositive100 Redwood City? What?! After all that talk of not being litigious? He's filed a $5 million claim. So I queried him about the move, and here's what he has to say:

"A suit has Not been filed, a claim has. The City has 45 days to respond to the claim...

My hands began falling asleep and I had been progressively losing extension strength in my right hand. So I saw a neurosurgeon, independent of anyone else. He ran an MRI and nerve conductivity test and said their is extensive damage to my brachial cortex as well as damage to C 3,4, 6 & 7. He said it is the result of my arms being excessively forced behind my back when putting cuffs on. Since the nerves are stretched 'like pulling apart an eletrical wire' surgery will not remedy it and he doesn't know how long healing will take, but more than one year.

Additionally I've asked the opinions of kids and adults w/Type1, parents of kids w/Type1, a number of physicians and exec management from med companies and non profits what they thought was the best course of action to take. As you can imagine parents were concerned and angered, most all were concerned that I needed to have my damages covered as I might brush off damages that should not have occurred. All were in agreement that something should have been / needs to be done regarding the incident, as it stands nothing was, no apology (understand it admits liability) or admission that better training is needed.

Regardless, after much thought ... I wrote to the folks in charge of Redwood City and let them know that I would rather resolve this in a fashion that reflects positively on the city, myself and the PWD community instead of suing. The ball has been placed in their court."

Aha. The plot thickens.Dialog

* I've learned of yet another great diabetes website + blog: , a free diabetes management site featuring an electronic logbook and reports. This one was launched by 15-year Type 1 veteran Mike Boeselager a few years ago, he says, and is now blooming with over 10,000 users worldwide and about 30 new users every day. Also check out his associated blog about life with the Minimed CGM system HERE.

* Fiction for the ADA -- a reader tipped me off to this "alternative fundraiser," Voices for the Cure.Voices_for_the_cure It's a fiction anthology compiled by James Palmer that takes you on a wild ride...

"Join Robert J. Sawyer, Mike Resnick, Cory Doctorow, and others as a cop-for-hire solves a murder aboard a space station...a Chicano science fiction writer takes mind-blowing (literally!) ride through the Singularity...a third-rate superhero with useless powers finds a place to antique collector learns that one alien's junk is mankind's treasure...a geologist discovers that pretending to be a god isn't all it's cracked up to be...a journalist learns how to fend off zombies using Linux and a dead badger..."

The book's selling online for $9.05 with presumably most (all?) of the profits going to the ADA. Let me know who reads it.

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