So the weirdest thing happened late last week: the worst and most stubborn blood glucose SUS (Sudden Unexplained Surge) I've ever had, and for two whole days, I was just hopping mad. Felt like my head would explode.

Essentially, I just woke up one fine morning at a praiseworthy 96, but then shot up to 270 after breakfast. Despite numerous corrections and even raising my basal rate by 25%, I hovered between 200 and 280 for 48 hours -- at which point the cranky factor was off the charts, so I started calling and emailing my endo like crazy. Poor woman. She suggested I pull out my current pod, to check if it was delivering insulin. Which means wasting it, of course, since they can't be re-inserted. Well, the pod worked fine. It was just me, apparently. I put on a new pod, programmed a rage bolus and went to bed. Woke up the next morning at 135, and have been pretty much back in range ever since. I wasn't getting sick, and it wasn't "that time of the month" or anything unusual. I'm still baffled...

Why, Oh Why, does this disease throw me a curve ball every time I think I've got a good routine going? I guess they don't call it "The Thinking Person's Disease" for nothing...

Then after a frustrating 48 hours of SUS -- and once again that feeling that this @#$!! disease is strangling me -- Peter Gabriel on my iPod really came to the rescue:

Don't give up


'cause you have friends

You're not the only one

No reason to be ashamed

You still have us

Don't give up now

Were proud of who you are

Don't give up

You know it's never been easy

'cause I believe there's the a place...


There's a place where we belong

Rest your head

You worry too much

It's going to be alright

When times get rough

You can fall back on us

Don't give up

Please don't give up

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