About 4 months or so ago, an acquaintance came up with a brilliant business idea for me: investigate diabetes companies for potential investors, and publish a newsletter with my findings and insider tips. Intriguing, but seeing as I'm not financially savvy (and prefer to explore the patient-side of the D-world), I let it go.

But wouldn't you know that somebody's done it already? And very successfully, too, I might add. David Kliff launched Diabetic Investor seven years ago, after being diagnosed himself with diabetesDkliff_1 in 1994. The story he told me is that early on, he attended a diabetes seminar near his home in Chicago to learn about his ailment. When the other participants heard what he did for a living -- independent investment advising -- they immediately bombarded him questions about the market outlook for various diabetes companies, most of which he'd never heard of at the time.

The call for diabetes-related investment information was so strong that David soon dropped his day job, personally advising high net-worth clients, to focus on Diabetic Investor full-time. His newsletters and email alerts now go out to thousands of customers across the country. And his specialized knowledge has made him a celebrity of sorts in the investment community; David's appeared on CNBC and been featured in the Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, Money Magazine, and many more.

I met with him on Sunday afternoon while he was in town for the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. We chatted about blogging and about new products, in particular the OmniPod, which he's been wearing for several months and loves (!). I asked enthusiastically about various non-invasive metering technologies on the horizon, only to get the veteran observer's somewhat jaded response: "Everybody's trying to build a better mousetrap." And I know he's right, having seen all manner of dud products come and go.

(Still, I was crossing my fingers under the coffee table. May we see some of this realized in my lifetime! ... or at least get me a darn OmniPod!!)

If you'd like to hear David talk, check him out on Janis Roszler's radio show, Dec. 4 edition. His newsletter is an investment in itself at $550 for a year or $1,000 for two years. But well worth it if you're a serious investor; for example, David recommended Amylin as "Stock of the Week" in early June '05 at $15.35/share, and it's more than doubled since.

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