That's right, Dear Friends, Followers and Readers: in exactly one week from today, DiabetesMine will appear at its new online home, (not yet live).



As we announced in mid-December, new for 2015 is our teaming with San Francisco-based Healthline, a health media group headquartered here in California that also has a satellite office in New York. Mike and I are becoming official employees of this group, and our bios will appear there next week after the site switchover takes place Tuesday, Jan. 13.

So what happens next Tuesday?!

Yes, when you come to, you will be automatically redirected to the new site, which will look a little different but will still feature our blue gold mine banner and the exact same 'Mine content from the same team of patient-pundits, as always. We will continue keeping it real and telling you whatever we think you ought to know about the diabetes world. It'll just appear with a new look and feel -- freshened up, with more white space and less clutter.

Change is always difficult to some extent, especially for me personally, because is my baby that I began a full decade ago -- so sure, I'm a bit nervous about the switch.

But to be honest, we haven't refreshed the design of this site since 2008, pretty much an eternity in web years. And here we are, such vocal advocates for innovation and change... we're really overdue to shake things up ourselves, in our ongoing pursuit of helping people live better with diabetes by pushing for access to the best, most up-to-date tools and information.

It's in that spirit that we're entering this new chapter with Healthline, and it's why we are excited about this new home we'll be sharing with them. The 'Mine will reside within this larger health media site, but still function as an independent media outlet. This gives us a unique chance to connect more and more people -- both those with diabetes and without -- to the kinds of conversation, personal stories and insight being shared every day in our DOC (Diabetes Online Community).

It's comforting to see that our friends at TuDiabetes are also preparing to move to a new platform, so we are not alone in the DOC in evolving our site. And like them, we'd like to remind you that moving to a new platform is a big deal, so some things are going to have to change. We, too, ask that you all stay open-minded about those changes, and please bear with us if there are some bumps along this road (no doubt!). Like the TuD team, we are also super excited about moving to an updated platform that will include a strong search function and good mobile integration.

We're told that roughly 25 million consumers visit the Healthline site per month, which boggles the mind! And right now, the site's diabetes content is limited to mainly medical and health basics. Just think: How many more people who might not have ever before visited the 'Mine, or any other diabetes blog, and might now make their way into the DOC universe simply by finding us at a place like Healthline? It's a win for all of us, because it's about connecting people to the real patient voice and experiences.

In short, we're pretty jazzed about the opportunities this move presents, to share "straight talk" on diabetes news with the bigger world out there. We're eager to take this next step, and look forward to having you all along for this adventure.

Below is a rough mockup of what our initial home page will look like (with some changes and improvements over time). Cross your fingers for us for next Tuesday, please!



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