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An update from the management:

We have recently spun the DiabetesMine business unit out of Alliance Health Networks, which has owned and operated the site since January 2011. We are once again an independent advocacy organization, and our mission and team remain unchanged.  This new structure now gives us more flexibility to enter co-operations with other health social media sites, as well as grant-giving foundations and other non-profit organizations. As a result, we will be able over time to deepen and broaden our health advocacy.

Here's why we are excited about this development:


- we are actively looking for ways to grow our programs: we have some big ideas for new online advocacy initiatives that will highlight diabetes tools in the public eye, calling attention to them as lifestyle devices as well as medical treatments

- we're 100% committed to improving the status quo of life with diabetes by further fostering partnerships between PWDs and their supporters, and all other stakeholders, ranging from healthcare providers, caregivers, pharmaceutical companies, health technology companies, large national advocacy organizations, research institutions, related associations, and key policymakers such as the FDA

- we'll have the chance to work more closely with the Diabetes Hands Foundation going forward; they've been great supporters of our work, and we're excited about collaborating with them on current and future projects

If you're a regular reader: first of all THANKS, we love you!! Rest assured that quality content remains our No. 1 priority.

If you're a proponent of new technologies interested in our DiabetesMine Innovation Program, WELCOME! We're happy to announce that the 2013 DiabetesMine Innovation Summit is on the docket for Nov. 15 this year.

Going forward, advertising and other queries should be sent directly to

With kind regards to all,

Amy Tenderich


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