GOT AUDIO? It seems that the first-ever dedicated Diabetes Podcast service made its debut this summer, when Type 1 diabetic Christel Marchand and associates launched Diabeticfeed -- a great weekly program of news and diabetes info. Last week dLife announced its own, extensive dLife Podcast program featuring host Janis Roszler interviewing an array of diabetes experts and celebrities.

PodcastingWow! We really have arrived. Specialized programming for people with diabetes is now available via nearly every new-fangled communications technology.

But just so you know: you don't actually need to own an iPod* to take advantage of Podcast technology, which allows independent producers to publish audio programs via the Internet. As long as your PC has a sound card and speakers, and can play MP3 audio files, you can easily download the content and listen at your liesure from your workspace.

What you do need is some kind of Podcast subscription software. Options include the latest version of Apple's iTunes (which has the software built in), or other services such as Odeo or iPodder. Once you've downloaded one of these, you are ready to enjoy. Check out NPR's more specific instructions HERE.

"Podcasting," btw, is currently celebrating its one-year anniversary as a concept, as a word, and as a medium. Interesting stuff.

(*Personally, I think my 8-year-old will have an iPod before I do; I sure love music, but still trying to figure out all the features of my new cell phone, laptop, and digital camera :)

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