SOS Again: I'm back today with another pressing query for Diabetes Lifeline, the new Lifesaver_2"community category" I've created to post some of the appeals I get via email. So many people in need of assistance... I'm hoping you all can respond with your experiences and offer a helping hand.

Recently I received this email from a concerned mother named Pat:

My son Matthew is 33, married with an 11 year old son. He was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the ripe old age of 30. Matthew has been turned down for life insurance through his company because of the diabetes. Matthew is so careful and works so hard to keep his insulin in check. He is just devastated that he can'€™t get life insurance for his wife and child. Do you have any experience with this situation that you could share with us? We would appreciate any help you can give. Surely there'€™s some company out there that covers diabetes patients?

Later I got the chance to personally query her son, Matt Collins:

Were you able to get any coverage from your employer?

I was able to get medical coverage through my company, but no life insurance. I never even had the chance to prove that I'm in good health (despite being T1 diabetic). I filled out the registration form (which only wanted basic info about chronic illnesses) and sent it in. The only correspondence that I received was from the company was telling me that my family had been approved for life insurance but that I was declined. The way the registration form was set up, it seemed to me that no matter what chronic illness you had or listed, they weren'€™t going to approve you. (I'm not sure if that'€™s their legal right or not, but I do know that they made NO mention about that requirement on the form.)

What about the risk/emotional toll for you and your family?

At first I was very angry. But then I felt depressed, inadequate, and worried for my family.

To be honest, after all this time I still haven'€™t found insurance. But I haven'€™t been aggressively looking either. The whole '€œlife insurance'€� experience has last a bad taste in mouth -- so I'€™ve yet to get properly motivated in searching for other life insurance companies.

-- M.C.

Tips, anyone?

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