I want to thank the many people who responded to last week's posting** on talking publicly about being diabetic (lots of emails). It is heartening to know that most of you are quite open about your diabetes, at least in your personal lives. (Although I need to keep my eyes peeled in public restrooms —- our No.1 refuge, it seems.)

A number of people were skeptical about "talking" at work, and suggested a "need-to-know" policy to avoid any branding. A few people said it was important to tell your boss, for sure, but not until you're through interviewing and well established in the job (!)

I even got some sympathy for my "not wanting to DEAL with it" issue: one apparently well-adjusted fellow Type 1 writes: "I completely understand what you mean ... so many people know so little about diabetes, and what they do 'know' is about their 77 year old aunt with Type 2." Precisely!

* * *

A quick note of reaction to the new dLife TV show: most of us seem to agree it was boring, and clearly "a drug company/equipment sales pitch from start to finish," as The Diabetes Blog reader Lance Lavery points out. Disappointed!

(**Publisher's Note: My March 13 posting "Out of the Closet, or NOT" has also been reprinted with permission on the DiabetesMonitor.com.)

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