Today, a brief note of THANKS to all the wonderful people in the Diabetes OC for investing theirBlogomania_1 precious time and effort into blogging, so that we can all share in each other's experiences.  I wish I had time to keep up on every one of the 140-some-odd D-blogs that now exist.  Whew! 

And a huge hug of Thank You to Allison Blass for creating the OC website, maintaining the bloggers' roster, and going the extra mile by establishing the Annual Diabetes Blog Awards program.  The 2nd annual awards are upon us (polls are now open!) and I am flattered to find myself nominated in two categories again this year. 

If we added another category -- for the person who spends the most ridiculous amount of time working on their blog -- I'd be a shoo-in.  Honestly, if my poor husband has to call up the stairs one more time, "Are you coming down? ... Honey, are you blogging again?!" I'm not sure what is going to happen around here.  You too may have noticed that I've spent a *little time* researching a variety of D-related topics, interviewing luminaries, and just generally sounding off here.  It's become such an obsession that I found myself telling another mother, curious about my diabetes, the other day, "If I just had the diabetes, and didn't have my blog, now THAT would be a real drag."  Weird, I know...

I wanted to add that just because I won a fancy-sounding award from a pharma company a few months back doesn't mean that I've lost my bearings.  It was very nice being singled out that way, of course, but those folks aren't my online D-family.  Knowing that the people with diabetes who "live on the web" like myself appreciate and all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into it is what makes this endangered heart leap. 

What I really wanted to hail here was the fact that there are so many, many amazing D-bloggers on the web these days.  Have you visited the likes of Scott, Rachel, Kevin, Lori, and Ruppert?  I'm so thankful for them all.  And it's brilliant that we have this chance to recognize/honor each other's efforts.  You do not have to be a blogger yourself to participate.  So make sure you take 3 minutes to cast your vote this year!

A few lucky winners will get trophy icons to display on their blogs; the virtual ((hugs)) are for everyone.   

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