September is nearly upon us (ugh...), and I for one am already eyeball-deep in work mode again. As I pack up my swimsuits, and prepare to start wearing my OmniPod on my now-hidden upper arms again (pending any late summer heat waves),  I reflect on what went on in the diabetes world this summer, much of it while I was out and about:


The groundbreaking Roche Diabetes Social Media Summit, which was a wonderful d-blog-summit1experience for those in attendance, but also created quite a stir.  It brought up a whole new conversation among bloggers about our relationship with each other and with the Pharma industry: how will we cope with potential conflicts of interest as we begin, inevitably, to engage with them more closely?



gp-logo-1-notebook-150x150The 2009 Guest Post Series - don't miss 'em!

In case you didn't catch them all, a directory of this summer's wonderful contributions here at the 'Mine -

The Search for Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring that Works by John Smith

What a New Era of Pharma Marketing Means to (Diabetes) Patients by John Mack

How to Get Pregnant with Type 1 Diabetes by Cheryl Alkon

Exercise Part 1: Working Out with Diabetes - Consider the Controllables: Understand the Uncontrollables by Matt Corcoran, MD, CDE

Exercise Part 2:  Aerobic Training? Cardio? Anaerboic? Resistance? What Should You Do? by Sheri Colberg, PhD, CDE

Exercise Part 3: Triathlon Season Arrived; Diabetes Never Left by David Weingard, Fit4D

How Hollywood Kills Diabetes Education by Jennifer Dyer

Diabetes Then and Now and Leaping into the Future (Or "Why I Joined Medtronic") by Francine Kaufman, MD

Beating the Heat with My Diabetic Gear by Sean Kelley,

When Diabetes Happens... to a Prima Ballerina! by Zippora Karz

'One Lucky Teen with Diabetes' by Christian Stokes

Low Blood Sugar: One of My Biggest Fears as a Parent by John Crowley

The "Bang for Your Buck" Principle in Diabetes Management, by William Polonsky, MD

Thinking Hard About the Siblings of Diabetic Children, by Karen Talmadge

New Tips for Tweaking Dosing Formulas for Your Insulin Pump by Kelly Close, Close Concerns


aade2009The AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) Conference in Atlanta

I didn't attend this year myself, but understand from expert attendees that the two biggest announcements remain those covered in my preview here: the new Solo tubeless insulin pump system from Medingo, and the new WaveSense iPhone app from AgaMatrix.  Health Engage also announced introduction of a(nother) new free, web-based service for logging your glucose results and analyzing trends. You can also share your data with family, friends, or health care providers.

On the whole, however, I understand things were... well, quiet.  A major drop in attendance and a "lack of excitement" were not just due to the poor state of the economy, according to D-industry consultant David Kliff.

"The fact is the diabetes market, both devices and drugs, has matured to a point where the progress being made is incremental rather than ground-breaking. Back in the day, products such as glucose monitors that offered alternate site testing or wireless insulin pumps generated a buzz that was felt throughout the exhibit hall. The same is true in the drug area where at one time new drugs such as Byetta or Januvia generated some real excitement," he writes.


So we didn't miss much. And the "Solo Micropump" folks had the chance to steal the show. Good for them.


Personally, I'm now buckling up for a very eventful Fall.


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