Are diabetes headlines in the mainstream media mostly a bunch of hype, or do they bring us real hope for the future?  The panel I moderated on this topic at the Diabetes Research Institute's annual conference in New York City last week produced quite a lively discussion. I referenced all of your comments as well, so thank you all, Dear Readers!

As Dr. Jay Skyler pointed out, there's only one letter difference between HYPE and HOPE.

So what was the big takeaway from this talk?  I wanted to point you all to my latest Straight Up column over at dLife to find out.  This one was written feverishly on the long plane ride home from NYC.

I also learned that the DRI is doing amazing things with liver cells and with umbilical cord blood as a source of adult stem cells.  Regarding the former, they're trying to "re-program" liver cells to become insulin-producing cells using PDx4, which is a "master programming gene for the creation of beta cells," they say.  They've also discovered some proof that T-regulatory cells can help prevent Type 1 diabetes.

For all those details, here's a link to the videos from the event.  You do have to register online to view them, and they're pretty long, but it's next best thing to having been there :)

Some more great updates and personal takes from my fellow D-bloggers who attended (hi Guys!):

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And let's not forget the newest among our ranks, fresh from MSM (mainstream media): Fran Carpentier, former senior editor of PARADE Magazine who sat on the Hype or Hope panel and brought a ton of color and insight into the discussion.  See her post on What a Difference a Community Can Make. Absolutely, Fran!

That's the wrap on: 1) following diabetes headlines without getting depressed, and 2) how wonderful it is to meet online friends in the flesh.

btw, if I missed anyone's DRI coverage, I apologize.  Give me a holler.

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