Ah, Academy Awards season is here once again… And did you know that at DiabetesMine we’ve established our own tradition of a D-Community version of the Oscars? Yep, each year we select and unveil the coveted Diabetes Oscars for those who’ve made a mark on our community in the past year or so.

This year, we’re opening up nominations to you all! Yes, we want YOU to vote on your choices — or nominate your own picks in each category. Then at the end of the month, we’ll announce the winners. Be sure to check out our prior year’s D-Oscars to get a sense of how we roll.

Vote by Feb. 17, 2019:


Or you can email us your specific nominations.

Here’s a preview of the nominees we have lined up so far. Check out the links to learn more on each:

Most Exciting New Technology (pick one or suggest your own):

Best Policy Change:

Best Collaboration:

Best Emergency Relief Efforts:

Most Eye-Opening Research:

Most Impressive Grassroots Advocacy:

Community Resource MVP of the Year:

Best Public Display of Diabetes:

Hottest Diabetes Musical Performance:

Most Dope DOC Advocate:

The “Grumbly Award”:

Lifetime Achievement in the D-Community:

Who do you think has earned these D-Oscars? Remember, voting closes Feb. 17 so be sure to chime in by then. And stay tuned for the Winners Announcement later in the month!