I've been writing DiabetesMine for six years now: 1,425 posts and over 15,000 (legitimate) comments to date, most of it all about what's happening in the diabetes world and the industry that serves us. Only a little bit of it is personal stuff about me.  So as I've been watching this meme bouncing around the diabetes online community (D-OC) for a while, I'm thinking it's about time I shared a little piece of me, too. And not just 'cause it's a slow news day.

Before I get started, let me also say that I've been encouraged to put out a call for questions for a sort of "Ask the D-Blogger" Q&A. So while you're reading my meme-ness below, keep in mind any other questions you'd like to put to me this week: anything you'd all like to hear about (within reason).  Inquiring minds want to know??...

What type of diabetes do you have:

LADA - latent autoimmune diabetes in adults. Or so I thought. Until other inquiring minds started questioning the definition of that term. Lately I'm just feeling like an old-ish type 1 who never had diabetes as a kid. Grrr.

When were you diagnosed:

May 21, 2003 - remembered as a very dark and dreary day in the hospital.

What's your current blood sugar:

70 (I am eating snap peas and cilantro dip as I write this).

What kind of meter do you use:

My OmniPod, with the built-in FreeStyle meter. I have bunches of other meters as backups, but I never carry them around.

How many times a day do you test your blood sugar:

I'd say 10 — up to 14 on a bad day, or if I'm working out really hard.

What's a "high" number for you:

Ooh, do we get to pick? Actually anything over 150 makes me really unhappy.

What do you consider "low":

Well, 70 or less. But mostly it's about how you feel. I'm lucky to be very hypo-sensitive, so this sort of 'scratchy' uncomfortable feeling usually alerts me before I get dangerously low. (Although I've hit a few 40s and below at times. Who hasn't?)

What's your favorite low blood sugar reaction treater:

Raisins. I love them. Pretty much had to give them up except for when medically necessary. How sad is that?

Describe your dream endo:

She's about my age, has type 1 diabetes herself, and is a mother. It would help if she were gluten-intolerant, too.  In other words, she totally gets my life. Oh, and she's got a million news tips for the blog that she shares with me weekly. (The question said 'dream,' right?)

What's your biggest diabetes achievement:

I guess I would say the annual DiabetesMine Design Challenge. I've worked really hard on this national campaign to bring medical devices into the iPhone era.  Looks like things are finally really changing!

What's your biggest diabetes-related fear:

I'm with others on this meme: Not waking up in the morning. I also worry a lot about being low and incapacitated when my kids might need me most... ugh.

Who's on your support team:

I couldn't say they exactly function as a team, but the people I lean on for various kinds of support are: my excellent CDE Gary Scheiner, my husband, my mother, my endo, and all my D-OC friends, who sometimes feel like they're more involved in my #bgnow's than the former group.

Do you think there will be a cure in your lifetime:

Nope. Nay. Nein. Not going to happen. But I'm hopeful there will be one someday.

What is a "cure" to you:

It's definitely not some technology that forces your body to work like a healthy person's. It is when the damaged cells can be repaired, and we no longer need to take any extra steps to 'manually' manage our blood sugar.

The most annoying thing people say to you about your diabetes is:

It's tough to choose when you're easily annoyed. Probably when people ask if I have 'bad' diabetes. Is there a 'good' kind?  Also, headlines like this annoy the hell out of me. Grrr.

What is the most common misconception about diabetes:

OK, this question annoys me. Um... you can't ever eat sugar? If you pass out, you need insulin? You have to stick to 'diabetic' foods? Somebody tell me: what is the most common correct fact that the general public knows about diabetes? ...  (Yeah, I thought so.)

If you could say one thing to your pancreas, what would it be:

Why did you leave me? We had a good thing going.

So, what else would y'all like to know? Favorite pet peeves? Things I miss most since getting diabetes? Does my OmniPod get in the way during you-know-what? How much do I worry about my daughters being diagnosed?

Ask now while the iron is hot (or some ridiculous mixed metaphor like that).

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