You may remember my mention nearly a year ago of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute's notion to create some diabetes etiquette cards that will help "others" understand what is and is not appropriate to say to us PWDs on the topic of our diabetes.

I'm happy to report that Dr. Polonsky and crew are in the process of delivering on this brilliant little idea!

Check it out:


Naturally, there was just a bit too much good advice to fit on a standard wallet-sized business card, so they made it accordion-style:


Ten VERY USEFUL tips for your friends and family members to be supportive, without annoying the hell out of you...

1) DON'T offer unsolicited advice about my eating or other aspects of diabetes.

2) DO realize and appreciate that diabetes is hard work.

3) DON'T tell me horror stories about your grandmother or other people with diabetes you have heard about.

4) DO offer to join me in making healthy lifestyle changes.

5) DON'T look so horrified when I check my blood sugars or give myself and injection.

6) DO ask how you might be helpful.

7) DON'T offer thoughtless reassurances {i.e. "it could be worse, you could have cancer!}

8) DO be supportive of my efforts for self-care.

9) DON'T peek at or comment on my blood glucose numbers without asking me first.

10) DO offer your love and encouragement.

One paragraph offering some detail on each follows on the card. As noted: Brilliant!

I'm planning to order a batch to distribute generously around here, as soon as they're ready for distribution. The BDI tells me that won't be till February, so please don't bug them just yet. Maybe mark your calendar to order some as a nice little Valentine's Day surprise for yourself and your loved ones? :)

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