We're proud to announce that our new mothership here at Healthline.com is launching a diabetes EmpowerT1D‬ campaign that mixes sharing inspiring photos and messages with substantial fundraising for JDRF.

The idea is that PWDs (people with diabetes) post photos or inspirational quotes about healthy living, to help others also living with T1D, and in turn Healthline will donate $10 to the JDRF for each submission -- up to three submissions per person.

This campaign that runs through Sept. 30, 2015 is sponsored by Animas, and it aims to donate a max of $6,500 to JDRF on or before that date.

It's already generating a lot of great inspirational pics and phrases promoting how we can live our healthiest with D!



This effort is modeled after similar, highly successful campaigns that San Francisco-based Healthline has created for other disease states, such as the ongoing "itchy skin" condition psoriasis (with a #PSelfie spin) that's garnered 70+ submissions so far.

EmpowerT1D on Instagram

"This program is intended to provide a sense of community and inspire others to make healthy lifestyle decisions while at the same time raising money for the JDRF, and promoting the organization to Healthline's audience of over 30 million health information seekers," says Healthline's VP of Marketing Tracy Rosecrans.

In just the first week, more than 20 pictures and quotes have been uploaded -- meaning a total of $200 has already been donated!

Of course as editor of the 'Mine here at Healthline, I participated myself and so has Mike (I took a snapshot of myself using the new inhaled Afrezza for better BG control, while Mike offered an exercise pic of himself in his Tour de Cure Red Rider jersey). And look for fellow type 1 Sierra Sandison, who was crowned Miss Idaho 2014 and sparked the inspirational #ShowMeYourPump social media campaign last year. Other photos include one D-peep crossing a marathon finish line, and a number of folks showing off their diabetes devices, talking about how they "take on" on their diabetes, and even spouses encouraging their loved ones to do their best.

It's easy to participate!

Just go directly to the EmpowerT1D site or to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #EmpowerT1D and post a photo or inspirational quote about healthy living with T1D. Don't forget to use that #EmpowerT1D hashtag on social media, to be sure that your submission is picked up, so the $10 donation can be made to JDRF in your name.

Yep, it's that simple!

Go on, send in a little inspiration to help others in the D-Community feel more empowered! It's a simple and fun way to donate money to JDRF.

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