According to, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) has a new report out on diabetes, which states:

"A record 235 new medicines to treat diabetes, one of the fastest-growing diseases in America, are being developed by America's pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies."

Wow. Do we really need that many new medicines? What about innovations in the devices and technology that help us manage better? And I can't help wondering, in all of this multi-million-dollar innovation, to what degree actual patients are being asked what they really care about...?

On that note, I am way overdue to review some of the excellent runners-up in the 2010 DiabetesMine Design Challenge, a patient-led innovation competition.

As a reminder, we had over 130 entries from around the country and around the world this year.

In our community voting (over 6,000 online votes cast right here!), three top faves, beyond the actual winners, were as follows:


An all-in-one lancing device/glucose meter about the size and shape of a mascara applicator. Integrates with the iPhone, too!

{Viewable on Sribd here.}

Type Me

A handheld "organizer" device for kids and young adults with diabetes.

EasyView SportLink

A wristband viewer for your continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

To share our esteemed judges' review of these concepts in brief, I'm going to borrow from Wired magazine's playbook by using their "Wired / Tired" method of highlighting the pro's and con's. Remember, this feedback came from different individual judges, who naturally didn't agree on everything:


Wired: "Nice thought to simplify the process and good aesthetic execution. Bluetooth concept is nice..."

Tired: "... but unfortunately we can't yet measure BG through the skin using infrared!"

Type Me

Wired: "Nice work thinking through features and interactions, and I really like the avatars and characters to engage with the demographic."

Tired: "Too big & childish for teens, too complex for young kids. Automated record keeping rarely works."

EasyView Sportlink

Wired: "Extremely practical and conceptually smart..."

Tired: "... but the design of the actual device is not part of the submission. Wish he would have taken it further and shown us a prototype or at least explained the buttons he'd like on it."

Here we are, four months out from the close of this year's contest, and just under seven months ahead of next year's. That gives all you D-Innovators quite a headstart, if you're enterprising.

Tune in later this week for a look at the best-of the 2010 "Most Creative Idea" category.

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