As we wind down the summer, our diabetes blogging radar has been lig#DOC Roundup Augusthting up with so many posts from around the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) -- from serious to chuckle-worthy.

Here's a collection of posts that caught our eye during the month of August (in no particular order).

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DOC Roundup bulletFirst off, we're sending our best to everyone in Texas and surrounding states affected by the Hurricane-turned-Tropical Storm Harvey that's wreaked incredible havoc. Many in our D-Community are suffering, but the outpouring of community spirit and support emerging to get people needed insulin and supplies is heart-warming. It's been good to see both big and small efforts aimed at helping PWDs hit hard by the storm. There's a whole lot of talk out there on social media and Facebook, some even using hashtag #HarveyT1D.



DOC Roundup bulletWe enjoyed the most recent edition of Diabetes Forecast that showcased "People to Know 2017" from around our D-Community -- particularly as the interviewers themselves are diabetes movers and shakers. They were paired up with interviewees within the same categories, making it a unique "me too" type of showcase of leading D-peeps.


DOC Roundup bulletWe talk a lot about the power of the online community, but in a thought-provoking post, Chelcie Rice at Insulin Nation ponders the question of whether a D-diagnosis is enough to spark community all on its own. Food for thought, that's for sure!


DOC Roundup bulletOK, how can you not read a post with the title, "How I Stopped Flinching When Giving Myself Injections"? Thanks to blogger Mitch Mitchell (who's marking his 10th diaversary this next month!) for penning this one over at his consulting blog.


DOC Roundup bulletD-Dad Tom Karlya shares a post on what can be said to a family just diagnosed with diabetes, as it's clearly a very emotional and overwhelming time for families facing this brave new D-world.



DOC Roundup bulletLow blood sugars are not fun, as fellow type 1 writer Riva Greenberg shared in a recent Huffington Post piece about a severe hypo that made it seem like she was drunk, rather than having a medical emergency. Scary stuff, Riva, but we're glad it turned out OK with the help of your friends!


DOC Roundup bulletSpeaking of hypos, Sarah writes on her Coffee and Insulin blog about a Waking Nightmare of fighting that urge to eat every single thing in sight to treat a low blood sugar. We felt ourselves shuddering while reading along... Yikes!


DOC Roundup bulletCan you recall your first diabetes memory, or that first time a friend helped you on the D-front? Briley at InDpendence shares a story about Holding On to one of those friendships, and how it's made her life so much better over the years.


DOC Roundup bulletSuccess or Not Success? That is the question our T2 blogging friend Kate Cornell posts on her Sweet Success blog, sharing a story about what it's like doing our darnedest to be healthy but facing diabetes challenges at every turn. But be sure to understand, as Kate writes: "It's not about failure. No way."


DOC Roundup bulletWhen it comes to diabetes burnout, the struggle is real. Many of us know it well. Thanks to type 1 guest-blogger Nicky Haeusler who penned a great post at Beyond Type 1, about what it's like When You Don't Wanna Do It Anymore.


DOC Roundup bulletIf you're searching for a graphic that'll make you laugh on "Things I need from my health care providers," then look no further than Renza's latest post on Diabetogenic... Thanks to our friend in Australia for that needed levity!


Courtesy of the Diabetogenic blog


DOC Roundup bulletAh, the wonders of those random conversations with people out in the world who are curious about life with diabetes, or think they have some wisdom to share (i.e., as part of the Diabetes Police force). Stephen Shaul shares a blog post at Happy Medium on those conversations and some of the insights he's responded with. You never know, this may be one to print out and paste on your fridge for quick reference...


DOC Roundup bulletEmotional well-being in diabetes care is so very important, and Frank Sita in Australia shares a post on that topic from his perspective at his Type 1 Writes blog.



DOC Roundup bulletType 1 D-peep Hannah Crabtree has some strong opinions about donations to big diabetes organizations, given her own experiences that include losing her mom to T1D complications years ago. While everyone may not agree with everything she says, her Lost Ledgers blog post In Lieu of Flowers is a powerful one that's certainly worth discussion.



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