My friend and periodic contributor Allison Blass is tired of blogging about diabetes.  She announced this last week, and she worries about keeping her readers' interest as her blog "will start to look like a blog about Allison, who happens to have diabetes, rather than a blog about diabetes, which happens to be written by Allison."  The reason I am posting about this is that Allison got me thinking (again) about the balance between focusing on our diabetes and having a life.

I love it that someone so seeped in the diabetes online community (she pretty much invented the OC!) is ready to cut loose and start focusing on other aspects of life.  And what about me?  focus-on-diabetesDo I spend way spend way too much time thinking and writing about this illness?  Probably.  Should I be writing more about other stuff? Maybe.  But D-blogging, to me, is still my lifeline for staying sane with this illness.

I guess I'm coming at it from the other side of Allison's perspective -- in the sense that I haven't had diabetes since I was very young, so I haven't had so many, many years to process it and to find that moment of connection with other PWDs.  I'm still just a relative newbie, approaching my six-year Dia-versary this May, and I still crave connections with people who understand how my existence has been turned upside-down by this thing.

The truth is I do have a whole other life that has nothing to diabetes. A life in which no one (let me repeat: NO ONE) around me has a real clue about what I have to do every moment of every day to manage my blood sugars.  When I slip off into my little home-based office and sit down in front of the PC, I'm suddenly in a world full of people who understand how one unravels and re-ravels with this disease daily.

Not only that, but the rest of my life as a wife/writer/consultant/mother of three feels too complicated and exhausting to write about most of the time.  Hunkering down in my office and writing about my "secret world" of diabetes is an escape from all the rest of it in my case.  It's where I go to talk to "my people."

This is the soul-searching I have done over Spring Break.  But I want to let all my OC friends know that you'll still be one of "my people" even if you choose write about other stuff. Promise!!  No worries, a little balance in life is a wonderful thing.


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