During our trip to San Diego for the American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Lois Jovanovic, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, and a pioneer in the field of diabetes and pregnancy. Although women with diabetes have been having babies for years, we're still learning more and more about how best to do it, for optimal health of both mom and baby.

Dr. Jovanovic was kind enough to chat with us about her perspective on managing diabetes before and during pregnancy. Note that the guidelines for diabetes and pregnancy are somewhat controversial. Dr. Jovanovic happens to have stricter guidelines for pre-pregnancy A1Cs than others, who may be more flexible there (so don't let her very-low A1C recommendation scare you).

Don't miss Dr. Jovanovic's advice, below, on:

  • Being careful not to "under-insulin-ize" or "over-insulin-ize"
  • The best advice for a woman who's already pregnant
  • When not to get behind the wheel of the car
  • The "Big 5" foods to avoid to keep carb intake low
  • Which tools and devices are best for pregnant women with diabetes
  • Where to put sensors as your belly gets bigger and bigger

We'd also like to to note that more and more information and resources are slowly being made available for women who want to get pregnant, including Cheryl Alkon's book Balancing Pregnancy and Pre-Existing Diabetes and programs like the California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program.

Like much in diabetes, every person is different, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on Dr. Jovanovic's advice and your own personal experience with diabetes and pregnancy.

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