I've had the dubious good fortune of obtaining my DexCom in the middle of summer, so I've been sporting my little black box at the pool a lot. I was so disappointed at having to bypass the bikini collectiTankinion and drag out that single one-piece swimsuit I own, usually reserved for 'Mommy and Me' swim class. But last week I suddenly remembered that I actually own a Tankini! Wore it the next day and it worked beautifully.

Except the shower patch poked out a little, and I'm still paranoid about the DexCom getting wet (although it already proved itself), and oh, the shower patches REALLY irritate my skin. Nothing is perfect, right? I still wouldn't forgo the DexCom for the world.

Why? Because after just three weeks, I am amazed at how well I'm able to steer myself into the target range -- right between those little dotted lines on the CGM screen (i.e. 70-220). I am proud and elated to report that I've hardly gone over 200 in the last week! And I'll be damned if this doesn't translate into a significantly lower A1c.

One sensor copped out on me after a day-and-a-half last week, and I nearly had a conniption fit. Not for the usual customer reasons, you realize, but because I felt cut off from my lifeline, as in: Help!! How in the heck can I stay in range if I can't continuously monitor my blood sugar?! How will I know what's happening after meals? How can I tell if I'm going high overnight? Oh, I am soooo hooked.

Thankfully, I was able to re-initialize the DexCom CGM sensor so that my lifeline was back up two hours later, still under the Tankini. Thank heavens for both!

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