This time it's not about me and mine, but rather all the people out there writing to me about the DexCom and other continuous monitoring technology:

There was the family who tried to use the DexCom on their 5-year-old boy, and was sorelyMailbag_1 disappointed (they also sent me the link to the company's recent shareholder Webcast, btw)

There was the guy in Iran who's DESPERATE to get one for his 3-year-old nephew (sorry)

The guy who claims he can wear a since sensor for up to 18 days with excellent accuracy (?!)

And the guy who wrote to say he just ordered a Minimed pump upgrade w/continuous glucose monitor (Paradigm), and was told -- after it shipped -- that the transmitter/monitor is only under warranty for six months... "although it may last as long as nine months." After the battery dies, he'll have to purchase a new unit at full price.  (WtF?)

Plus a host of other people writing to say they either love or hate the new CGM technology. Here I think I can safely say, I told you so.

As for me, I'm still chugging along with my Dex. 

I've developed a new acronym (everybody who's anybody has got one, right?). Mine is for what to do when things go terribly wrong with your diabetes, like my recent string of >200 BG days for no apparent reason:


Rebel (F-You, diabetes! Hell if I'm gonna keep any records)

Unwind (Retail therapy usually helps; can be hard on your credit cards)

Troubleshoot (OK, now what can I actually try doing differently this time??  There's always some new strategy to try, barring cutting out carbs altogether, which I refuse to do, kapeesh?)

Note that CGM does not necessarily help you avoid the RUT.  But the RUT helps you continue using your @#!$! CGM when you're ready to punt it out the window.  Kapeesh??

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