For those of us who live with diabetes devices every day, this is so NOT NEWS.  But somehow the folks in medical R&D haven't entirely picked up on the concept that medical gadgetry needs to be sleek and convenient, and OMG -- maybe even cool-looking. We LIVE with this stuff day-in and day-out, for God's sake.

Why is it that Apple can spend millions designing the perfect -- and perfectly aesthetic -- little machine just to play music, while we wait decades for inhalable insulin and end up with a big plastic bongish-thing in bad colors?  It has to be a Consumerism issue.  Because for the most part, we don't shop for our D-devices at Wal-Mart. We don't buy them as Christmas gifts.  We don't replace them every time a cool new feature is added. 

Fashionflu_maskMaybe they're hoping we will soon.  Witness Pfizer's new TV ad campaign for Exubera -- reaching out directly for consumer attention and our health dollars.

But better yet, check out these Fashion Flu Masks from NY designer Patricia Lamberti.  They're embellished with floral appliqués, leopard fabrics and satin ribbons -- protecting against pandemics while snubbing the supply store look (for about $12 a pop).  As one observer noted, "Sick is bad enough! We don't have to look that way."  That's what I'm talkin' about, Baby...  If you're going to market medicinal stuff, once hidden behind pharmacy counters, directly to consumers, at least try to make it look good, will ya?

Lots of good discussion on diabetes device design issues can be found at Aiming for Grace, btw -- my absolute favorite D-blog when it comes to aesthetics.


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