Our team is thrilled to be in Orlando, FL, today hosting the Summer 2018 DiabetesMine D-Data ExChange gathering of diabetes innovators.

Can you believe this is our 10th #DData event since its inception in Fall of 2013, where the #WeAreNotWaiting hashtag and movement were born?

And can you believe how far this community of people involved in the progress of DATA-DRIVEN DIABETES CARE has come?


1) The DO IT YOURSELF #DData community continues to grow by leaps and bounds, as knowledge and use of DIY tools like Nightscout, OpenAPS and Looping has spread from a tiny group of hackers to a much broader community.


2) Industry is increasingly launching new systems and sensors aimed at real patient needs...

Like the Medtronic Minimed 670G, the first commercially available system that begins to automate insulin delivery, to take some of the burden of constant decision-making off patients...

And Abbott Libre Flash that makes continuous glucose monitoring simple and affordable for so many more people...

And the new Dexcom G6 model that now includes predictive alerts to let users know when they’re heading for a High or Low, and improved data sharing in a number of different formats...

Oh, and Insulet’s new Omnipod DASH platform just FDA approved on June 4 that makes this tubeless pump a more connected system with a touchscreen controller – and prepares that system for full integration with CGM.


3) Policy-makers and healthcare authorities are taking important steps to embrace digital health tools and make them part of established Standards of Care. 

Core to that is of course the FDA mHealth Precertification Program to fast track approval of software-based tools – of which we’ll get a “backstage view” today.

Plus, healthcare think tank companies now formally vetting and evaluating mHealth apps so they can be recognized by physicians and covered by insurance.


All of this progress is on the agenda at today's #DData18 event, along with a forum about the PATIENT EXPERIENCE with many of these new D-technologies out in the real world.


Launching at #DData18 Today!

A few exciting things being unveiled for the first time at the D-Data ExChange event today:

The American Association of Diabetes Educators' (AADE) new technology platform to help their members find and evaluate devices and apps will be debuted to this group of tech influencers. The platfrom is called DANA and will be going live for AADE members later this month.

One Drop is now launching a powerful new platform that can predict where BG levels are going in the next few hours of a person’s life... starting with a program for type 2's not on insulin, but with plans to move into the T1D / insulin use space.

Ascensia Diabetes Care is announcing the winner of their Diabetes Challenge Global Innovation Competition for solutions aimed at T2 diabetes -- unvieled for the first time at this #DData gathering today. 

Please follow hashtags #DData18, #DData and of course #WeAreNotWaiting for live tweets.


Watch the #DData LiveStream

Huge thanks once again to Wes Nordgren of the Nightscout Foundation for LiveStreaming today's program, which you can watch at their Facebook page.


In Wes' words:

"Busy week ahead? Can't drop everything and rush to Orlando by this Friday? Want to see both Industry's and the #WeAreNotWaiting community's latest tech offerings all at one conference?

"Well, there is no need to worry, no planes to catch, no reservations to be made, because the Nightscout Foundation has you covered as we'll be LiveStreaming from the event."


To help you follow along, here's a sneak peek of the event agenda:



A HUGE THANK YOU to the organizations that make these gatherings possible, who are stepping up to support this community: