Now back for a third year, this next-to-last Diabetes Blog Week prompt gives our community a chance to show everyone what life with diabetes really looks like. We're giving a nod to the Diabetes 365 project by grabbing our cameras (or camera-phones) again and sharing some more D-related pictures.  Some images may speak for themselves, while others might be best with a little explanation.

This year, our expanded core team at the 'Mine have each snapped a few shots to showcase our D-Lives!


What's old and what's new with my diabetes regime?  Weeell...

There's the gym. That's old (I go, like, three or four times a week). Here's my view from the bench in the ladies' locker room — a view only my fellow PWDs can appreciate:


What's new? Weeell...

I am SO running out of fresh "real estate" for my pump, so currently trying out two new corresponding spots on my lower back.  Kinda hard to see what's happening there, so the iPhone's self-photo feature is actually really helpful!


I have been on a pump vacation for the last month and a half, so after 12 years of only having Humalog bottles in my butter compartment, they now have some new neighbors: Lantus!

A lot of people have asked me why I don't use an insulin pen, especially because they can be much more precise in dosing and pens aren't quite as fragile as bottles.  But I like the fact that my insulin bottles and syringes fit nice and neatly in the front pocket of my glucose meter. I've grown accustomed to grabbing my meter case before walking out the door. I suppose I could transfer everything into a larger case or carry the pens separately, but I like my small black bag. And I'd be likely to forget my pens if they were in a separate case!



When you're low and need sugar, Hypo-Brain sets in and thinking clearly isn't possible (for me). So unsealing that stupid little plastic straw and having the ability to jab it into the little juice box hole is never as easy as it should be. Resulting in...

Squeezing rage against the juice box!!

Oh, and you know how we always find used test strips everywhere, like we can't ever escape finding them in the strangest of places?  Well, apparently they even stalk my Riley dog!


Do you have any Saturday D-Snapshots to share? Take a peek at the pics snapped by fellow PWDs, by checking out Karen's list!

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