Welcome to Day 2 of the third annual Diabetes Blog Week, hosted by Karen Graffeo over at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes.

The topic today: One Great Thing. Karen explains: "Living with diabetes (or caring for someone who lives with it) sure does take a lot of work, and it's easy to be hard on ourselves if we aren't 'perfect.' But today it's time to give ourselves some much-deserved credit.  Tell us about just one diabetes thing you (or your loved one) does spectacularly!  Fasting blood sugar checks, oral meds sorted and ready, something always on hand to treat a low, or anything that you do for diabetes.  Nothing is too big or too small to celebrate doing well! "

OK, so this might sound stupid, but for years I was afraid to change the settings on my insulin pump. I mean, sure, I could set an extended bolus or create a new temp basal, but the idea of monkeying with the basic settings just plain scared me; that seemed like something only my doctor and CDE would have the know-how to handle. (So much for "empowered patients" — I know.)

So I just left the basic basal settings as they were, until every once in a while when my endo suggested a little 0.1 bump-up or drop-down here and there. Meanwhile, for a long, long time (I'm not even sure how long), I would wake up between 2 and 4am feeling low. Not passing-out low, but kinda-sweaty, having-weird-dreams low. I'd be uncomfortable enough to have to get up, eat some glucose tabs, and sometimes change my damp nightgown. I could never sleep late, because even when I made it past the witching hour, I'd still hit the '60s and get all shaky by 6am.

In retrospect, it seems pretty obvious that my late night/early am basal settings weren't right. But for some reason, I just kept assuming it was something I was doing wrong (almost every night?)

Until one early, early morning, while dragging myself to the bathroom as usual, a thought crossed my mind:

Is this insulin pump running me, or am I running it?

Well, heck, that was it! That did it!

It kind of hit me over the head that it was darn-well time for me to have a good, hard look at the basal settings on my pump and stop being afraid to experiment a little. After all, it is my body this thing is attached to.

... and I could still seek out an expert opinion for backup, even while taking the DYI approach. So with a little key input from CDE extraordinaire Gary Scheiner, I changed my settings for the hours between midnight and 3am, and from 3am to 7am, waited a few days, and then made a few more tweaks — and whala! What a huge improvement! I sleep better, and my whole entire day is less of a #bgnow roller coaster.

This may not qualify as "spectacular," but it is one great thing that I'm feeling relieved and proud to have finally mastered.

In your face, Diabetes!

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