The diabetes online community has come a darn long way in just a few short years.  Today, Nov. 9, was dubbed the official "Annual Diabetes Blog Day" by Gina Capone of the Talkfest back in the "early days" of 2005. I can't believe it's been three whole years since I asked readers to "Talk to Me on D-Blog Day" and THEY DID!

These days, it's a whole new world, with at least 500 individuals out there blogging on diabetes and a whole host of online support communities to choose from (as shown in my latest slideset):

How I would have killed for such great online connections and emotional support back when I first diagnosed!  (Well, not killed, but you get the idea)

We're so very fortunate to be "sick" in an era when technology has enabled us to raise our voices and come together to end the isolation and jumpstart grassroots advocacy efforts.

I'd just like to honor our collective D-blogiversary today by extending a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who's helped me along the way.  That lengthy list includes Dr. Bill Polonsky, Dr. Richard Jackson, Jeff Hitchcock, Dr. Steven Edelman, Dr. Bill Quick, David Kliff, Kelly Close, Gary Scheiner, Hope Warshaw, and many more — plus all the good folks at DiabeticConnect; a whole lot of upstanding people working in the diabetes/pharma industry; every single one of my fellow D-bloggers out there; and everyone who stops by to read this blog!  You guys are what gets me up in the morning.

Finally, in case there's any remaining doubt that this "Health 2.0" stuff and the Power of Participation has changed our lives for the better, I'm taking the opportunity to re-post the video that says it all:  Diabetes... Reloaded (diagnosis ain't what it used to be)

Happy D-Blog Day, Friends!

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