For those of you who still think I'm too chipper, I'll have you know that even though life is pretty great at the moment, the diabetes has been hovering in the background like a stubborn zit: just can't seem to enjoy a full day without being reminded of how stupid and ugly it is... Therefore, today a Cranky Post (or Crost), a la Kerri.

FLOP... Cranky_pants

So I clock in at 184 the other afternoon, program a quick correction and go on about my business. Then about an hour and a half later, I realize I do actually have time for a short jog. Yay!  Set out, armed with glucose tabs as usual. Feel great. Run like the wind.  Eat one glucose tab in anticipation of possible lowness.  About half-way home I am IMMOBILIZED. I mean, none of the usual hot sweats or fluttery feeling or shakes. Just can't run. Can't hardly walk, as a matter of fact.  Don't exactly feel low, either, just unable to move forward.  Eat three more glucose tabs and the entire pack of raisins on hand.  Shuffle home, which takes a ridiculous 45 minutes for about 3 blocks.  Get in the door and test: 67. Shit.  Eat some more. Lots more. Test again about 20 minutes later: 65. Shit x2.   So what did I hit out there on the jog? 42? Or my record low of 36?  OK, I know it's stupid to run after a correction, but sometimes I'm just ready to run when I'm ready to run.  Got that, diabetes?!


Last night at about 4am I am awoken by an incessant buzzzzzzz. Groggy, I look around for some device that hubby and I have forgotten to switch off. Nothing comes to mind. I pop my head up, and the buzzing stops. Good. Lay back down, it starts again. We play this little game for a few minutes, the buzzing and I, until I'm really awake and starting to worry: isn't Ringing in Your Ears an early sign of Alzheimer's or something?  Or is the diabetes ruining my hearing, too?  I shake hubby awake and shout: "DO YOU HEAR THAT BUZZING?!"  He squints at me and replies, "Now I do, yeah."  Whew.

I stumble into the bathroom to discover a "pod expiration alert: insulin delivery stopped."  WtF, now?!  I'm on a 72-hour rotation so why the ungodly hour all of a sudden?  Did I actually manage to miss all those pre-expiration alert beeps?  Could it have something to do with all that Muscadet and Pinot Gris the night before (our 16th Wedding Anniversary)?  Well, crap. At least I heard it now.  So there I am on our precious Anniversary Morn -- while Grandma is watching the kids so we can sleep in for once in 16 years -- changing my pod at 5:46am, after which I am lying awake wondering if I do have tinnitus after all. Thank you, diabetes.


You all know I love my OmniPod, but I must admit, the stand-alone FreeStyle meter I used before was definitely more accurate.  The one built in to the OmniPod just goes nutcakes on me periodically. I'm doing great at a post-meal 135, and then an hour later I'm at 342?!  No way... Or a suddenly 249 to follow that low-carb breakfast choice?  Yikes.  So I've learned to use a lot of Control Solution to reset the thing.  Which means using up a lot of test strips (are you listening, Blue Shield?)  But I still keep falling in that overcorrection trap.  Every time I get a high reading I still savor the experience of simply pushing a button to accept the automatic recommended correction.  Perhaps a Pumper-Rookie mistake?  Anyway I'm still rattled by the meter discrepancies and pretty darn sick of this roller coaster ride! 

Cranky = knowing I can't ever entirely disembark.  Just let me coast for a little while, will ya?

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