Patient-Voices-Logo-2014Today we're proud to announce the winners of our 2014 Patient Voices Contest — an annual scholarship program in which we seek a group of activated patients to participate in our DiabetesMine Innovation Summit held each fall at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA.

Our winners help represent the larger patient community, expressing our needs and desires to the Powers That Be: pharma industry and regulatory leaders, health insurance execs, clinicians, entrepreneurs, health tech experts, the country's largest clinics and national advocacy organizations and more.

This year's Summit will take place on Friday, Nov. 21, 2014, preceeded by the Fall 2014 D-Data ExChange event, focusing on data technology and the #WeAreNotWaiting movement. Needless to say, we're very excited!


Now without further ado, this year's DiabetesMine Patient Voices Winners are:

  • Julie Schulman, a researcher, scientist, mom and type 1 D-blogger at Cyberneticdiabetic, who often writes about improving quality of life for PWDs by working to automate, integrate, and analyze our diabetes data.
  • Sarah Kaye, a self-described type 1 "diabetes tech nerd at heart, D-blogger, photographer, insurance agent, and all-around sweet southern belle."
  • Kimberly Hislop, a T1D for 16 years and a pumper for five, who's passionate about the bionic pancreas and other technical advances for diabetes, as well as cultivating support from fellow PWDs.
  • Greg Nickleski, a type 1 from Illinois diagnosed in 2011 who plans to go back to school to study endocrinology, because he "wants to be on the forefront of cutting-edge technology involving diabetes."
  • Jeff Mather, a type 1 photographer and D-blogger interested in reducing barriers to data access and making it possible for patients and caregivers to integrate medical devices and commercial/off-the-shelf products.
  • Melissa Lee, an active type 1 D-blogger and advocate from Dallas, TX, who's also mom to two young children.*
  • Christel Aprigliano, a type 1 D-blogger and active advocate who happens to be organizing a diabetes community "UnConference" in Las Vegas for March 2015.*

(*Note: Christel & Melissa were also winners last year. Per our policy, applicants are eligible up to two years consecutively.)


Also joining us as Patient Community Delegates this year are our two volunteer DOC Judges:

  • Merle Gleeson, founder of Type 1 Diabetes Lounge in Chicago. You can read all about Merle's rise to diabetes-advocacy stardom here.
  • Karen Graffeo, creator of the annual Diabetes Blog Week, JDRF volunteer and DCAF Advisory Board member.We're proud to have had their assistance, and to welcome them as participants in our 2014 Innovation Summit as well!

DM Summit Logo 2014


And thank you for your interest and participation.

Winners will hear from us shortly on arranging your travel & participation in the 2014 DiabetesMine Summit at Stanford University.








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