Weeeelll, hello.  Somehow I managed to miss national de-lurking week last week (must've had my head up my... blog).  So now, a belated invitation for all of you who come here to look but not touch, to please reach out and touch that keyboard! 


Let me know who you are, at least, where you come from, and what's your connection to The Big D.  That would be diabetes, for any of you newbies.  But if you're here at DiabetesMine, you surely know that already.  'Cause this blog is about DIABETES, just to clear that up.

Yes, I do have a life.  I have three beautiful and precocious children and a wonderful partner and good friends and hobbies and travel and all that stuff that fills the other wedges of life's pie.  I've got fun friends. I like to cook.  Heck, sometimes I even make my own granola.

But my shtick over here is this: I've got the 'betes and a lot to say about it.  So if you're reading this, and haven't done so before, talk to me just a little, will ya?  That means please click down there on the word "comments" and say hello.  Yes, YOU.

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