This is one of the weirder products I've received to review: a bathroom scale with built-in mirrors so you can examine your diabetic feet even as you get the latest update on your diet progress.  Ugh.  Initially, that combo didn't sound too good. But then I took a closer look at the Insight and was rather intrigued.

Coming out of the packaging, the new Insight® Foot Care Scale is about as sleek and attractive as any bathroom scale you could wish for, if a little boxier.  That's because it features an integrated "illuminated and magnified mirroring system" that gives you a good look at the bottoms of your feet without all the contortions usually required.  I happen to be pretty flexible myself, but I could sure imagine how helpful this is to folks who are not quite so bendy.




(To watch a little video of how it works, click HERE)




Maybe I'm a bad diabetic, but I don't think much about foot care.  So I've been astonished by the sheer volume of foot stories over at DiabeticConnect: foot pain, swollen feet, tingling and numbness, severe dry skin, deep cracks in them (eew), and fungal toenails (eew again).  If the Insight can help people stop all of this before it starts, I'd say it's well worth the $100 investment (if you can afford it in this crap economy).

The folks over at Insight are on a holy mission to "start building awareness (about) the importance of proper foot care."  They've got lots of info and tips for us over at  Yes, their scale is a bit pricey, but I think education-wise, they're on the right (foot?) path.

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