Any doubts about whether the blogosphere really matters were WIPED OUT last week -- when I wasBloggers_1_3 contacted by two fund managers from Fidelity Investments, looking for the inside scoop on new continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology.

They're currently backing DexCom, Abbott, and Minimed, and their long-term investors are "excited about excited about CGM replacing fingersticks, while the other half (of their investment community) is just worried about reimbursement," they told me.

Apparently, these Small Cap fund managers keep abreast of the Big Picture by talking regularly to stakeholders -- physicians, vendors, industry analysts, and payers -- and are now including significant voices in the blogosphere, too! Which is both flattering for me and important for the OC, I'd say!! Who says nobody knows or cares what the patient thinks? Those days are over, according to the Long Tail theory of economics (which states that small, niche audiences that interact closely with vendors are harbingers of the Future of Business).

So can you guess what I told the Fidelity folks?

In a nutshell:

- CGM is most certainly revolutionary, and the way of the future for sure -- even though current products are still new and quirky

- although some people will never want any medical device hanging off their body for any reason, no one can argue with the fact that continuous glucose data will bring a quantum leap in D-control, and therefore reduction of long-term complications

- for widespread adoption amongst the vast Type 2 diabetes audience, I think we'll need some NON-INVASIVE options, i.e. CGM products that measure from above the skin

They ended up interviewing me for an hour and a half! Apparently, I have a lot to say about new tools for diabetes management. We all do. So keep speaking up, my D-friends! Our voices are indeed being heard.

(Ooh, and don't miss "The 24-Hour Glucose Channel," my newest column over at dLife -- a synopsis of my CGM experience thus far.)

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