A few days ago I got an email alert from a company called MedApps that claims it's unveiling the world's first affordable and reliable mobile health monitoring system at the upcoming American Telemedicine Association conference in Las Vegas, April 26-28.  And what functionality are they previewing?  A system for remote upload of glucose data, of course.

I just bet, knowing how prevalent (and profitable) diabetes is, that the ATA event will be positively riddled with new mobile-phone-based applications for managing diabetes.  Hopefully some of them will be useful to real PWDs in real-time now.

MedApps' system features a small portable device that you can use to upload data from various personal health devices (glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, weight scales, etc.)  It then immediately transmits your results to a managed data server and your data is posted on a portal for healthcare professionals, with lots of security so that only the right doctors see the right data, of course.  The portal looks nicely designed in terms of making immediate sense of the information, setting reminders and alerts, generating reports, and all of that.  But their video nearly put me to sleep.  How is it possible to make a "revolutionary" wireless health app look so boring?


And of course, I'm left with the old nagging question of who will reimburse doctors for time spent on a patient data portal like this?

Still, my point is, I'm betting we're going to be bombarded with announcements of mobile diabetes technology along these lines in the weeks and months to come.  So even if you're the early adopter type, you might want to be picky and choosy about what you try out.


And speaking of new health technologies... the X PRIZE Foundation is announcing kickoff of a $10 million Healthcare X PRIZE competition to reinvent the American healthcare system today at the World Health Care Congress in Washington DC.

The X PRIZE folks are known for similar high-profile contests in space technology, alternative vehicles, and genomics.  Now they're collaborating with WellPoint, the nation's largest health benefits company, and The WellPoint Foundation, one of the nation's largest corporate foundations, to call for concepts that will revolutionize the US healthcare system "in a bold, measurable, and scientific fashion."

Today's event will actually "invite public comment on shaping the prize to optimize individual engagement and to improve the overall health of communities."  Read the details here, or watch Newt's explanation:

[Sure sounds like Newt would love the DiabetesMine Design Challenge, too]


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