From the did-you-know file: today, Sept. 13, is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day.

I have it. Or at least I'm forced to live like I do, with a severe wheat allergy that forces me to eat only gluten-free foods. Ugh! I've bitched about this difficult condition before: here, here, and here.

Life can be awfully tough in a world literally rolling in a staple food ingredient that makes you very sick. Recently I stumbled on this blog post that talks about how infuriating it is that some establishments are still "under the delusion that people who must live gluten-free would gratefully accept something that tastes like cardboard." NOT! We need food that's palatable, too. The blogger also mentions that even the most well-meaning food servers often don't have a clue about what "gluten-free" actually means.

So what else can I do to help raise awareness, other than whine?

As my GF blogger friend writes: "Celiac Awareness is important, of course. But the needs are changing and — if anything — we need to be more creative."

On that note, I went hunting for videos that might shed some creative light on the subject.

First up is my favorite, the You Bet Your Health game show pilot:

This one was entered in the 2009 SEVAs (Student Educational Video Awards):

Did you also know that celiac/gluten intolerance was featured on the TV show The View a few years ago?

And on the science end of things, here's a very long lecture video from JDRF on the relationship between Type 1 diabetes and celiac:

So there they are... watch and learn. Or at least try to remember that you heard the word "celiac" today at the 'Mine, and that "gluten-free" means absolutely nothing with regular flour in it, or on it. We thank you for that!!

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