Here's a shot of me with my some of my new bike gear. Excellent! Actually, this is my old bike, and I'm pretty black, blue, and yellow so far from attempting to train on my new bike with clip-in pedals. (Don't laugh, you know what a girlie-girl I am!)


Nevertheless, I've spent quite a bit of time lately out riding -- complete with bugs in teeth, bugs in nostrils, bugs in ear, bugs stuck on tongue, bugs in and under sunglasses... Did I mention bugs? And how much we girlie-girls hate them? (If I crash at some point, you can be pretty darn sure there was some abominable bug involved...)

And apparently I'm much better at writing posts than I am at fund-raising, 'cause I'm still only at 30% of my ambitious donations goal. Come on, people, have a little solidarity here, and GIVE TILL IT HURTS!

I know some of you have your issues with the ADA, but the way I see it is this: As a leading national advocacy organization, the ADA does fund invaluable education and cutting-edge research. It brings doctors, educators, companies, and patients together to put diabetes at the top of the national health agenda.

I'm sure for this audience I don't need to flash all the statistics on the devastation that diabetes causes. Not to mention how much it SUCKS to live with, even if you're managing it OK. Personally, I've been pricking my finger between 8 and 10 times a day for four years now. That's about 13,200 finger pricks so far. Now imagine the many, many people who've lived with diabetes for soooo much longer. And the many being diagnosed every instant -- every 21 seconds, to be exact.

Do I worry that at least one of my three daughters will face this disease in her lifetime? You bet I do. It's almost indecent to say so, but I pray that if it has to happen, it will be later, after puberty at least, when a person's hopefully somewhat more stable and emotionally prepared to deal with a lifetime chronic condition. But maybe, just maybe, by then it won't be for life. Could that elusive CURE be discovered by the time my girls venture out on their own? God help us...

But I digress.

Other than applying my love for writing to helping people learn a little/laugh a little with this disease, there isn't too much I can do to stem the diabetes tide. Other than get off my duff for a fund-raising event now and then. Catching bugs for a cause... ah, that makes it sound almost worth the splatter :)


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