For all of you who are as incensed as I am over the Mr. Universe Going to Trial issue, I now have the information* on how you can speak up today:Megaphone

Please place phone calls with your objections/support to

- Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe

(650) 363-4752


- Assistant District Attorney Morley Pitt

(650) 363-4785

Please leave angry messages! The idea is to rattle their chain here, and put some pressure on the DA's office to drop the charges, as well they should.

*These contacts come directly from Doug Burns' lawyer, Micah Jacobs, of Jacobs & Ferraro, LLP, in San Francisco, which has donated its services free-of-charge to show its support for the diabetes community.

Mr. Jacobs filled me in on a few other key details you might like to know:

- The police report documents Doug's blood sugar at 26, at the time it was checked in ER following the incident.

- The initial police report also makes no mention of any violence -- solid evidence that Doug did not fight with the officers or attack them in any way.

- The theater security guard apparently escorted Doug outside the theater, and then called the cops when he stood there looking dazed, rather than leaving.

"It's one thing if he would have harmed someone, and could later prove that it was a medical issue," Jacobs says. "But nothing even happened, AND he can prove it was a medical issue. It's absurd to press ahead with these charges. Their personnel need to be better trained to distinguish a medical emergency from a real threat of harm."

Amen, Mr. Attorney, Sir. Now let's go make some noise about this!!

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