Score another point for Health 2.0! Meaning, in this case, that the voice of the patient community is resounding, all the way to the Innovation Dept. of BusinessWeek.

Check out this feature article that went live last night, called "DESIGNING FOR DIABETICS."

The mainstream media (MSM) got whiff of our whole push for improved medical product design, i.e. our campaign to get the vendors to "provide diabetics with equipment that fits as seamlessly into their lives as, say, an iPod, complete with an intuitive interface and a 'cool' design factor that encourages patients to monitor their health and self-treat the disease."

My Open Letter to Steve Jobs and the resulting Charmr product design are referenced on page 2.


Albeit the article leads with Medtronic, making it sound like that company is leading the charge. While I don't doubt that they're cooking up some exciting new form factors, the MiniMed pump in the photo -- which duly noted "looks like a pager" -- is not a great example of cutting-edge design, to my mind.

After all, as design firm Adaptive Path pointed out, "When you think about the beautiful product design of portable consumer electronics such as mobile phones and MP3 players, it's truly sad that diabetics have nothing more to choose from than hardware design that is reminiscent of an 80's pager. Pumps could be better... a lot better."

We're getting there, for sure. For today, I think we've made some great progress; the story in BusinessWeek shows how relevant the topic is, and gets even more eyeballs focused on taking diabetes care / medical product design to the next level.

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