Have we mentioned that we are hard core fans of Blünt Lancet?  Nope, not those overused needles that haven't been changed since daylight savings time ended. I'm talking about the awesome D-rock band that made the girls swoon back in the early '90s!

Haven't heard of them? Don't worry, it's not that you weren't hip, even if you were old enough to remember their "heyday."  Is Blünt Lancet really a "blink-and-you'll miss-them" has-been group making new waves in the 21st century?  Sort of, at least in the minds of their newest fans. Blünt Lancet is, for lack of a better description, the diabetes online community's answer to This is Spinal Tap.

It's a completely fictitious rock band borne from the crazy/creative minds of D-OC members Kim "Pancreas", Simon "Syringe", Moby "Testkit", Kelly "Rawsugar", and their invaluable roadie / agent, Jeff "Lancer". Blünt Lancet first made waves in the D-OC when Kim published a "tell-all" behind the scenes profile on her blog, which was followed by Jeff's interview with his alter-ego "Lancer," the band's No. 1 roadie.  A few days later a "leak" of a Christmas song made it onto a blog called My Diabetic Heart. The band's created a lot of banter on Twitter, too.

The fact that there is no real band (much to the chagrin of the D-OC!) hasn't stopped folks from capitalizing on Blünt Lancet's popularity. This week, a line of Blünt Lancet merchandise was released by Kelly Rawlings of Diabetic Living magazine. Gunning for your own Blünt Lancet waterbottle?


Messenger bag?

How about a tee for your dog?

Now you can get it all and support the Diabetes Hands Foundation. How rad is that?

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