The power gals over at BlogHer (online community for women bloggers founded in 2005) have had a stroke of genius: What if, they thought, every one of their 11,000+ members worked together to focus their collective brainpower, ingenuity and influence on one red-hot issue? "How about if that one red-hot issue was the focus of an organized, year-long campaign to make a measurable difference that this community cares about?"

To this end, last week the group's trio of founders launched Part I of an initiative called BlogHers Act. In this first phase, the ladies are asking for recommendations on which global issue(s) the community finds most sizzling and in need of attention. (Men are more than welcome to contribute, btw!)

The ladies are Thinking Big here. They hope to create a voter manifesto identifying the top issues that the community wants addressed during the American presidential election in 2008. The motto being, "together, we can make a difference." Check out the many recommendations to date HERE.

Yet co-founder Elisa Camahort of Healthy Concerns blog is a little taken aback that healthcare seems to have so little play thus far. "Don't get me wrong, it's definitely been mentioned and included on lists of hot issues," she writes, "but I'm waiting for someone to really blow our minds and twist our hearts in two with their healthcare story. Maybe one of you, dear readers?"

Sick_cover Hell, yeah. Is healthcare not one of the biggest crises facing America? A system that wasn't great to begin with is completely unraveling. Diabetes alone is estimated to be strapping the system for $132 billion a year, primarily for reactive treatment of complications -- while experts say preventative testing and proper patient education could slash the incidence of complications by up to 90%. Plus every dollar invested in such training could cut healthcare costs by up to $8.76.

Meanwhile, I wanted to note how many emails I've received from folks out there with diabetes who say they have no health insurance and cannot afford to pay even for their glucose test strips...

Love it or hate it, Michael Moore's Sicko is airing the dirty laundry on the pathetic state of health coverage for citizens of this rich nation of ours. The offbeat filmmaker even got Oprah riled up on the topic, calling a Town Hall Meeting around the statement:

"Health care should be guaranteed to every American, remove the profit from the system, and regulate the pharmaceutical companies."

So here's the deal: If you think you can convince the influential BlogHer community to take on healthcare, get posting. You've only got until the end of this week (June 15th). Details here. Then the group will launch a survey to finalize the issue selection.

I know a lot of things in this country could use some fixin'. But from where I stand, Global Warming and the Healthcare Mess look head and shoulders above all the other red-hot crises.

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