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* First, an update on the blog plagiarism situation. The idiots at that wholly unethical site are still stealing my stuff, but are now under official investigation by the Google AdSense team, so at least there's a chance their revenue stream will be cut off soon. Want to know how stupid they are? They even lifted my posts complaining about their blog plagiarism. I think it's an automated content swiping service, because hopefully any real person would've noticed such a thing... he?

* A note on terminology: a few folks wrote to ask me about the status of the "syndication" situation, which is much appreciated, yet I must clarify that plagiarism is NOT THE SAME AS SYNDICATION. The former is blatant stealing of another's content without permission, attribution, or compensation. A big NO-NO in any kind of publishing, on or off-line. Generally the sort of thing that's frowned upon, like taking someone's term paper and turning it in as your own. You get the idea.

* Which brings me to Today's Big Announcement: As of today, I have entered into an actual, bonaRsszoom_1 fide syndication agreement with HealthCentral.com! What this means is that select posts from DiabetesMine.com will appear regularly alongside David Mendosa's on HealthCentral's Diabetes Community page.

Who is HealthCentral?

One of the leading new health networks on the Web that's aiming to "foster a rich community of patients and experts who share their experiences... as they manage their day-to-day lives and their health." Yes, it's a for-profit site, set up to "help health-information seekers worldwide" find valuable info/people/links on disorders ranging from osteoporosis to breast cancer to asthma. (See their About Page for more details)

Why work with them?

Hey, it's an experiment! CEO Chris Shroeder is a former top dog at the Washington Post and Newsweek, and their GM Bill Allman is formerly of the Discovery Channel and US News & World Report. An all-star management team all around. So I figure these guys might have a fighting chance at creating a pretty decent Web-based Health Network. And I'm not adverse to being part of that, especially if it helps more people with diabetes in some way. So for a very modest compensation (a teeny, tiny fraction of professional writing rates, I might add), I've agreed to become one of their core "diabetes resources" by regularly submitting my stuff.

Considering that I'm blogging my brains out, and by the nature of the beast, older posts tend to get "buried" quickly, I'm kind of excited by the prospect of another, legitimate blog venue. Hop on over and let me know what you think.

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