Another year passes, and how do I feel? Pretty darn good, most days, despite the chronic illness. If I do get the chance to blow out any candles today, what would I wish for? Pretty simple (hoping disclosure won't jinx me here):


Continued good health for myself and my family. May my three beautiful girls never have to experience diabetes any more up-close-and-personal than they are now, observing me.

Bday_candle_iconA society that can pull together enough to take a long-term view of our state of affairs, and "prepare the economy for our children and grandchildren."

Bday_candle_iconI'd like to also say an end to Global Warming, War, and Hunger -- but I'm trying to keep it modest here. Unless I happen to find Aladdin's Magic Lamp; see Badshoe's list of wishes for better diabetes care.

In fact, Bennet quite inspired me to share some of my most pressing D-Care Dreams today. Pending a CURE, I would love to see the following materialize in my lifetime:

Dream_icon Insurance coverage that actually provides for "health maintenance." That means funds for educational classes, seminars, and the tools and devices required for "aggressive therapy," as long as the patient can prove they're dedicated to achieving improved results. No more being punished for changing doctors, changing meds, or choosing a venue outside your "medical group" for the best care. Yes I know, pigs still don't fly.

Dream_icon Less letting of my own blood for managing this disease. Semi-invasive, non-invasive, no more finger pokes at all, ever -- bring it on.

Dream_icon An insulin pump combined with CGM that only pokes you in one place (or less). As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't have to be a "closed loop." In fact, I'd pretty much insist on being the "brain" that connects the pump and monitor, so I'm still the one calling the shots (no pun intended). I just want these two devices to work together, and do so without the need for two separate cannulas sticking into me.

Dream_icon A pump that has a built-in glucose store, so I could just push a button and administer a little sugar whenever I get low. No more need for chalky glucose tablets or a bunch of food I'm not hungry for and can't really enjoy.

Dream_iconCarbohydrate counts stamped on every food. OK, I know this isn't going to happen, but the closest thing I found so far is Carb Cards, those nifty flash cards. I'm still waiting for that company to send me my review pack. (Hey, it's my birthday! What more incentive do you need? ;)

Dream_iconA world in which having diabetes and being over 40 does not turn you into a heart attack waiting to happen, and does not exclude you from the inspirational diabetes stuff, like Medtronic Global Heroes campaign. Are you listening, Medtronic? That would be a nice birthday present for "all those individuals who are 40+ and have responsibly taken an active role in managing their diabetes," as my buddy Matt puts it.

Thanks for riding the magic carpet with me, anyway. A healthy, happy week to one and all.

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